Say a fond, rocking, and maybe even slightly drunk farewell to Vinyl Fever

In a turn of events that must be sending constant shivers of terror down the spines of Park Ave CDs employees, Tampa’s long-running and beloved Vinyl Fever is closing. The store announced back in December that it would be closing its doors at the end of February, but thanks to a series of depressingly successful price markdowns of their inventory (they’re up to having all CDs, LPs, and DVDs at 50% off, with everything else at 60% off) and surprisingly non-melancholy weekend events featuring bands and DJs whipping the crowds into a guilt-ridden buying frenzy, the stock is diminishing to the point that the guys at the store are saying “this may be our last weekend.”

Of course, that means a closing shindig worthy of Vinyl Fever’s 30 years of musical contributions to Tampa. And this weekend’s festivities include Matt HiresWill Quinlan, and Guiltmaker rocking the store on Saturday (with free PBR, too!), starting at noon. I know many Orlando music fans have spent a good bit of time (and money) in Vinyl Fever over the years, so if you haven’t done so yet, you may want to get on I-4 to hit up the store one more time. And, to those who have never been to the store, just imagine Park Ave CDs … that’s it, really; the stores are eerily similar in coolness, approach, and importance to their community. (OK, maybe Vinyl Fever has a little more of a vintage rock vibe … but not much.) I know that if a combination of a constantly-shifting business model and expiring leases subjected PACD to the same fate, this town would shed quite a few tears, so if you don’t make it down to Vinyl Fever this weekend, maybe stop by Park Ave and drop a few bucks?

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