HEY BANDS: Submit a track for a comp to be distributed to Florida show promoters


Local show promoter Kyle Raker (Norse Korea, Will’s Pub) is putting together a compilation of (good) (and interesting) (and not douchey) local bands, as part of an effort to, as he says, “start working more with promoters around the state.” The idea is to not only help raise the profile of the Orlando music scene, but also, more pragmatically, help enable more show-swaps and opportunities for bands around the state. As he told me in an email:

As it stands, a lot of bands don’t put much effort into, or know how to, get out of town and play shows periodically. If they do, they’ll start to draw in other towns (sometimes, from my experience, better than they do at home). I’m hoping by doing this, it will give all the promoters more quality, drawing acts to choose from to put on our shows that involve larger touring bands, and give the locals chances to play quality out of town shows.

So, that being said, I want to put together a compilation of local orlando bands that actually want to travel say, once a month (or more), to other cities in Florida. We have so many cities within 2-3 hours of us, it’s so easy to play out of town here. Then I am going to distribute it to promoters and media in other cities that I have contacts in and try and help them do that.

The exact form the comp will take is TBD, but Kyle says the deadline for submissions is April 1. GET ON IT and email him at kyle@willspub.org

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