New Orlando concert listings (Arctic Monkeys, Yuck, Paul Collins, New Pornographers, Two Piece Mini Fest, KEN Mode, Thrice, Royal Bangs, Hunx & his Punx, Bright Eyes, and a WHOLE LOT more)

This Hunx and His Punx photo was stolen from a great write-up of the band in Trebuchet magazine. One can only hope for this much sexy goodness when the band hits Will’s on Sept. 10.

Alright, I’ll admit it: I’ve been less than diligent over the past couple of weeks when it comes to updating the concert listings. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN, because when I leave them alone for a couple of weeks, man they sure do pile up. And when it’s coming up on a mega-packed Fall concert calendar, they really pile up. So, without further apologies or adieu, here’s a whole bunch of recent (and, uh, not-so-recent) concert announcements:

Aug. 3: BJ Barham (WIll’s)

Aug. 4: Color by Deluxe, Howling Owls (Tom & Jerry’s) (!)

Aug. 4: Big City Bombers (Taste)

Aug. 4: Chuck Cannon, Tim Bradley, Bronze Radio Return (Social)

Aug. 5: Van Gumby, Alias Punch, Tam Tam (Copper Rocket)

Aug. 5: Nu Era, Traverser, Razorz Edge, Murderfly (Hard Rock Live)

Aug. 5: The Die Tryins, Greenland Is Melting, Sterling Schroeder, Cassandra Wilcox (Will’s)

Aug. 5: Rug, Say Never, Soulswitch, Lovejuice (Social)

Aug. 6: The Soul Birds, the Groves (Back Booth0

Aug. 10: Shit Robot (Firestone)

Aug. 10: Citycop, City Of Ifa, Henrietta, Ten-Fifty, Conquer (Hoops)

Aug. 12: The Panhandler, Adam Goodrich (Austin’s)

Aug. 12: Neon NiteClub, Britt Daley (Will’s)

Aug. 13: Off With Their Heads, Dead To Me, The Riot Before (Back Booth)

Aug. 13: Blair Crimmins & the Hookers, the Cook Trio (Will’s)

Aug. 13: Matt Butcher (Social)

Aug. 17: Basements of Florida, Hungry Gayze, Flashlights (Hoops)

Aug. 17: Dead Prez (Social)

Aug. 18: La Banda Algarete (Social)

Aug. 19: Mandy Sloan (Austin’s)

Aug. 19: Billy Wright (McRaney’s)

Aug. 20: Woody Pines (McRaney’s)

Aug. 22: The Chop Tops (Social)

Aug. 24: The Appleseed Cast (Social)

Aug. 24: Viva Le Vox, The 1, 4 ,5′s, Jonathan Silva, Joshua Pearson (Will’s)

Aug. 24: Chiddy Bang, Big Sean (UCF Arena)

Aug. 25: Rayland Baxter (Plaza)

Aug. 26: Bloody Jug Band, Roadkill Ghost Choir, DC Wilson (Will’s)

Aug. 26: Two Piece Mini Fest (Social)

Aug. 27: Orange Avenue Jam (Social)

Aug. 28: Holiday Shores (Will’s)

Sept. 2: Kelly Craven, Zap Dragon & the Attack (Austin’s)

Sept. 4-13: Accidental Music Festival

Sept. 5: John Vanderslice, the Pauses (McRaney’s)

Sept. 5: Cough, Fire in the Cave, Druid Lord, Swamp Ruins (Will’s)

Sept. 8: Chet Samuels (Social)

Sept. 9: Guttermouth (Back Booth0

Sept. 10: Alex Goot, Tiffany Alvord, Luke Conard (Social)

Sept. 10: Hunx and His Punx (Will’s)

Sept. 11: Bright Eyes (House of Blues)

Sept. 11: Woodsman, Fever, Hear Hums (Will’s)

Sept. 15: Bob Schneider (Social)

Sept. 16: Spam Allstars (Social)

Sept. 18: Paul Collins, Garbo’s Daughter, the Woolly Bushmen (Will’s)

Sept. 18: Meat Puppets (Social)

Sept. 18: Atmosphere, Evidence, Blueprint (Beacham)

Sept. 23: Fake Problems, Guy Harvey (Back Booth)

Sept. 23: Tab Benoit (Plaza)

Sept. 27: Enter the Haggis (Plaza)

Sept. 29: Langhorne Slim (Will’s)

Oct. 5: Junior Boys (Social)

Oct. 5: Weird Al Yankovic (Hard Rock Live)

Oct. 7: Arctic Monkeys (Hard Rock Live)

Oct. 8: Thrice (Beacham)

Oct. 8: KEN Mode, Atlas Moth, Khann, Hollow Leg, Orbweaver (WIll’s)

Oct. 10: Yuck (Social)

Oct. 13: New Pornographers, Telekinesis (Becham)

Oct. 13: P.S. I Love You (Back Booth0

Oct. 14: Royal Bangs, Bear Hands (Back Booth)

Oct. 27: The Drums (Social)

Nov. 6: March Fourth Marching Band (Plaza)

Nov. 12: Ether, Euro-Asia (Will’s)

Nov. 15: AP Tour: Four Year Strong, Gallows, Title Fight (Social)

Nov. 30: Airborne Toxic Event (Beacham)

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