New Orlando concert listings: Sondre Lerche, AIDS Wolf, Nirvana Cover Show, Matt Pond PA, Tim Reynolds, Deer Tick, Little Dragon

Sept. 1: Ben Prestage (Will’s)

Sept. 2: Thomas Wynn & the Believers, Six Time Losers, Jordan Wynn & the Apparitioners (Will’s)

Sept. 3: Shak Nasti, Gargamel (Will’s)

Sept. 4: Chopper Stepe, Weapons to Go, Midtown Dave (Will’s)

Sept. 6: No Babies, Whitman, SSLOT (Substance)

Sept. 6: Lonesome City Travelers (Will’s)

Sept. 13: Pseudo Kids (Peacock)

Sept. 14: Acid Baby Jesus, Vein Cranes, Hell Shovel (Substance)

Sept. 14: The Goddamn Gallows, Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band, James Hunnicutt (Will’s)

Sept. 15: Gunslinger, Hot Mouth, The GTX (Will’s)

Sept. 16: Terra Terra Terra, The Gallery, All Things Bright, The Real  (Will’s)

Sept. 17: Jahlando (Plaza)

Sept. 17: Jared Blake from The Voice, Greg Warren, Jill’s Cashbox and Alex Hayes (House of Blues)

Sept. 19: Parafora, Orlando Music News, and Park Ave CDs Present: Nirvana Cover Show w/Great Deceivers, Basements of Florida, Fever, the Pauses, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Maximino, Dark Sea of Awareness, Yogurt Smoothness, and, uh, DJ Jason Ferguson (Will’s)

Sept. 23: Auto!Automatic!! CD release (Will’s)

Sept. 26: Matt Pond PA, Rocky Votolato, Apex Manor (Will’s)

Sept. 30: Mad Sexual Genius (Plaza)

Oct. 7: Andy Matchett & the Minks, the Beauvilles, Dirty Names (Will’s)

Oct. 11: Mighty Diamonds (Social)

Oct. 12: Tim Reynolds & TR3 (Plaza)

Oct. 14: The Rouge (McRaney’s)

Oct. 15: Cal Ecker (Social)

Oct. 17: Star Slinger, Mux Mool, Shigeto (Will’s)

Oct. 19: Deer Tick (Social)

Oct. 21: 12 Dirty Bullets, Evan Taylor Jones Band (57 West)

Oct. 23: Little Dragon (Firestone)

Oct. 26: The Menzingers, The Flatliners  (Will’s)

Oct. 28: Beth McKee CD release (Plaza)

Oct. 30: Fitz & the Tantrums (Beacham)

Nov. 5: AIDS Wolf, Unicorn Hardon, Yip Yip, Southern Nights (Will’s)

Nov. 5: Deland Original Music Festival (Downtown Deland)

Nov. 7: Bane, Defeater, Miles Away, Dead End Path (Will’s)

Nov. 8: Matt Hires (Plaza)

Nov. 8: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, the Green (Social)

Nov. 15: Sondre Lerche, Peter Wolf Crier (Social)

Feb. 17: Get the Led Out (Plaza)

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