Putting the blog on ice for a while

kraftwerkconeJust wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that there won’t be any new posts on Orlando Music News for a while. I’ve got a couple of big projects going on at my day job (you know, the one that actually pays me money for my time and talents), some (positive, but time-consuming) personal stuff happening, and there’s a very strong likelihood that I’m going to be writing another book soon. All that, combined with the fact that the holidays are coming up … well, something has to give, and unfortunately, this blog is gonna be it.

Not shutting it down, mind you, just taking a break until the beginning of the year. And, until then, I’m going to take down the “Upcoming Concerts” and “Submit Your Show Info” pages because … well, because they won’t be updated.

Thanks to all those who have shown support – for both this blog, and for the Orlando music scene – over the last nine months, and hopefully, when the blog comes back, I’ll have figured out a way to make both of them even better.

– Jason

P.S. – If anyone wants to take over the blog for a while, I’d be more than open to it. Even if you just wanted to update the concerts section to keep the site fresh, that would be most appreciated. I just won’t have the time/mental space to do it.

P.P.S. – Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is what happens when you don’t support your local media/artists/creatives/musicians. In all honesty, had there been more feedback/engagement/donations from the people who are reading this blog, I would have felt a lot more compulsion to try to figure out a way to squeeze 39 hours worth of work into a 24 hour day. But hey, if you don’t give a shit about it, why should I?

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