OrlandoMusicNews.com was founded on a simple premise: the music scene in Orlando is interesting, diverse, and worth talking about. And, for too long, there hasn’t been an ideal place to talk about it. I should know, because for five years, I was Music Editor at Orlando Weekly, and I’ve been a nationally published music writer for (gulp) 20+ years. Despite my best attempts at the paper – both as editor, and later as a freelance contributor – it increasingly became clear that the weekly print format is not an ideal one to cover an explosive and exciting music scene like Orlando’s. I love Orlando Weekly, and think that it’s the best-written media outlet in this city. But I also think it’s time to try something different. OK, maybe “starting a blog” is the least original idea on the planet, but I think that on this blog I – and my soon-to-arrive cavalry of contributors – will be able to provide an authoritative, opinionated, and informative voice on what’s going on in Orlando’s music scene. Yes, I know there are already quite a few sites doing a fantastic job talking about music in Orlando, and I think that’s great; however, each of them seems to focus on a particular niche of the city’s scene, and cover it in super-meticulous detail. Hopefully, here at this blog, I’ll be able to provide a broader and more diverse selection of information that gives readers in each of those niches some idea what everyone else is doing too. I hope you enjoy it.

~ Jason Ferguson

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