Want to contribute?

If you are a photographer, writer, tweeter, whatever-er who is interested in contributing to OrlandoMusicNews.com, that’s awesome, and I would love to have you. But not yet.

Please understand that I have a very firm rule about media contributors: If you do work, you should get paid for it. So, I will not ask anyone to contribute their work in return for “exposure” or “concert tickets” or “free CDs” or any other such bullshit. And, as this blog is very much in the formative stages, there is no money coming in, therefore there is no money to go out. So, at this time, I can’t accept any outside contributions. If, however, you have content you’ve hosted on your own site, and you’d like this blog to link to it, I’d love to do that. Please just shoot me an email for more details.

~ Jason Ferguson